Most of Nature's GiftTM product are  made from corn extracts, sugar, rice, oats, and organic alcohols. Through a proprietary process these ingredients are combined to yield a deep cleaning non GMO soap of amazing characteristics.

Except for a trace of tal oil, the resultant soap has no organic, or inorganic compounds and consists mainly of water, new bio carbon, and nitrogen.

Nature's GiftTM uses water as it's transfer medium. Normally, the water molecule H2O does not exist by itself, but instead because of molecular bonding it exists as large clumps like H20O10.  Nature's GiftTM breaks that bonding so the water molecule can carry the particles of Nature's GiftTM  deep into the layers of your skin to not only cleanse your skin but also hydrate and moisturize your skin. 

Laundry Soap


Nature's Gift™ is unlike anything else you've ever used.

What makes Nature's Gift™ special is it's bio degradable, environmental friendly properties.


Nature's Gift™ Laundry Soap is a specially formulated high performance unscented soap to replace laundry detergents. It's completely biodegradable allows it to easily penetrate, break down, and emulsify dirt, stains, and greasy buildup. Use for an environmentally and people save solution in mall machine applications--non irritating and safe.

Normal soaps are made from combining lye (a caustic agent) with various oils. The end result is a soap. Because you’ve used normal soaps all your life, you have become accustomed to the slimy character of soap.


Nature’s Gift™ Laundry Soap is different. It is not made from lye. It's ingredients are alkanolamines, amino acids, hydrogenated corn oils, organic alcohol, non-ionic surfactants, vegetable based fatty acids, vegetable starches, and water.

Absolutely no enzymes, phosphorous, nitrates, sulfates, silicates, or petro-solvents. Maybe be used with salt water. Derived from renewable resources.

Biodegradable Laundry Soap 

Directions: For normal size loads, add in only one cap full of concentrate and any bleach, ammonia, or other disinfectants and then add your laundry. For larger loads, add in up to two cap fulls depending on load size. Do not, add concentrate after you've put your laundry in the machine.

For tough stains, make a mixture of one cap full of concentrate and add 32 ounce of water to an empty spray bottle. 

Please note: The information presented on this web page is considered complete and accurate to the best of our knowledge and belief. Since the applications and conditions in which Nature's Gift™ products may be used are outside our control, all recommendations and suggestions regarding their use are made with out guarantee or warrant. Furthermore, Nature's Gift cannot accept any liability for loss or damage which may be incurred in connection with the use of our product.

Love it, or your money back.

8 oz of Nature's Gift Laundry Soap Concentrate $23.95 plus $5.50 S&H
3--8 oz of Nature's Gift Laundry Soap Concentrate $65.85 ($21.95 ea) plus $7.50 S&H
6--8 oz of Nature's Gift Laundry Soap Concentrate $123.00 ($20.50 ea) plus $9.50 S&H

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